TikTok May Be Banned Soon — So I Want To Know If The App Has Positively Affected Your Life

TikTok May Be Banned Soon — So I Want To Know If The App Has Positively Affected Your Life

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed legislation that could ban TikTok in the US if ByteDance — the app's parent company based in China — refuses to sell its stake.

Though there have been threats of banning TikTok in the past, this time, the possibility feels real, as President Joe Biden has said he'll sign it into action if a bill approved by the Senate lands on his desk. 

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While lawmakers tout currently unfounded security concerns, the app's millions of US users have added to the conversation by noting how detrimental the banning of TikTok could be.

I know I won't be alone in saying this, but TikTok quite literally changed my life. Before BuzzFeed, I worked at a company that repeatedly made decisions I couldn't stand behind. Then, one fateful day, I refreshed BF's careers page and found a job where I could interview creators and write about the internet — much of which takes place on the clock app. And now, lawmakers are trying to take that away.

So now I want to hear from you. How has TikTok positively affected your life?

Maybe you own a small business and struggled to keep things afloat. Then, you started a TikTok account that ended up serving as the ultimate launching pad, and you've reached more customers than you would have been able to without the app.

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Or maybe you're a parent, and all you knew about raising kids was built on what you experienced in your own childhood (which honestly wasn't the best example). So you went on TikTok and found new parenting methods you'd never heard of before, and you can see a positive change in your kid's behavior and your family life.

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Maybe you have social anxiety and meeting new friends is especially hard for you. But your For You Page guided you toward a hobby like knitting, pottery, vinyl collecting, or whatever interests you, and you learned about local meetups. Now, you have a group of friends who share your passion.

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Whatever the case may be, I want to hear how TikTok positively affected your life in the comments below. Or, if you'd like to remain anonymous, you can use this Google form. Your response may be featured in an upcoming post.