TikTok star Jehane Thomas dies ‘suddenly’ at age 30, days after opening up about constant migraines

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TikTok star Jehane Thomas dies ‘suddenly’ at age 30, days after opening up about constant migraines

TikTok star Jehane Thomas has died at the age of 30, only days after she shared an emotional post on social media about her persistent migraines.

Thomas’ friend Alyx Reast shared the news via a GoFundMe Page launch on Friday. The mother of two sons, three-year-old Isaac and one-year-old Elijah, Thomas has more than 71,900 followers on TikTok, where she documented her struggles with her physical health and life as a parent.

She also ran her own business, Print and Pack, which creates personalised stationery and mugs for special occasions.

In the description of the GoFundMe page, Reast noted that her friend’s passing was unexpected, despite some of the health challenges she was facing.

“Jehane Thomas was a 30 year old, mum of two boys when she suddenly passed away on 17/03/2023,” the description reads. “Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken.”

Reast also acknowledged how the page was created to financially support Thomas’ two children.

“[Isaac and Elijah] have been left without their mum. I’ve started this page in the hope of raising some money so her beautiful boys can have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable,” the description continued. “Nothing will bring the boys their mum back, but we hope it will bring some relief to her family, knowing how loved and supported they are.”

As of 20 March, the GoFundMe Page has raised £11,055 ($13,500), surpassing its £10,000 goal, with more than 600 donations.

On 15 March, days before her death was announced, Thomas posted a video on TikTok to share an update about her health. This post came weeks after she revealed that she was diagnosed with which “occurs when swelling damages the optic nerve” in one’s eye, per Mayo Clinic.


Replying to @Beckie 🎀 if you have insta im posting frequently on there but will keep trying to post as much as i can on here too but im struggling so much this morning 😔🤍

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In the TikTok video, she could be seen closing her eyes while she was lying in a hospital bed. She explained why she in the medical facility, writing: “I am still waiting to go down for surgery. The reason they didn’t do it last week was because having fluids in me would solve the issue.”

Thomas also noted that she had “4 litres of fluid” in her, before recalling how “horrific” her migraine pain was that morning.

“I’m waiting to see if I can take one of my Frovatriptan before surgery because no other pain relief is taking this pressure or if I need to ride it out and hope the surgery gives me instant relief,” she continued. “I can’t lift my head without wanting to be sick and I’m unable to walk, I need to be wheeled everywhere. That’s how bad this pain is.”

Throughout the last month, Thomas has documented her health condition on Instagram, where she first revealed that she was diagnosed with optic neuritis.

“I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis a few months ago after nearly 2 years of being told my migraines were stress related,” she wrote in a post shared on 5 March. “They then thought I had MS which was ruled out (for now) but now the pressure in my head literally takes me off my feet.”

She went on to thank her parents for their support, writing: “I hate being wiped off my feet with a migraine or sickness but they will always be the first ones to take the boys for a few hours and I’m so grateful to have you both.”

Throughout the last week, fans have come to Reast’s GoFundMe Page to share tributes to Thomas and send condolences to her family.

“Gone but never forgotten,” one wrote. “You kept me company through some of my most anxious moments and for that I will be forever grateful...Rest in peace sweetie.”

“I followed Jehane on Instagram & TikTok. She was such a loving, caring Mummy, and like everyone else I’m so unbelievably sad and shocked at the news of her passing,” another wrote.

“This is just such heartbreaking news, what a lovely lady Jehanne was and her poor beautiful boys will miss her dearly,” a third added.

The Independent has contacted Reast for comment.