TikTok confused by bizarre detail in apartment hallway

A TikTok user has showed off what might be one of the strangest apartment complex hallways and many people have questions they need answered.

A TikTok user by the name of Rachel shared a video of the hallway on the popular app last week and it has since been viewed over 1.7 million times.

"This is the weirdest apartment complex I have ever seen," she wrote.

In the hallway, above the front door to each apartment entrance is a balcony.

As a result, all of the rather bizarre indoor balconies look out onto the hallway foyer.

Pictured is the hallway of the apartment complex with the balconies seen above the front doors
A TikToker shared a video of an apartment complex which had indoor balconies. Source: TikTok/rayyy.of_sunshine

The eerie layout left many people rather confused.

"This made me uncomfortable," one person said, while a few TikTok users said the hallway was giving them "bad vibes". Several people even claimed they had seen it in their dreams before.

Others suggested it could have been a retirement home of sorts, while others thought it looked like a prison.

Some weren't too keen on it but others embraced the indoor balconies.

"When you want to be outside your house but still inside," someone joked.

"Would be nice if they had natural light, colourful hallways, and a bunch of live plants," another said.

Rachel ended up sharing a video of what one of the apartments in the building looks like and while it may be "outdated", it appears to be pretty standard on the inside.

She also explained she doesn't live in the apartment, she was just staying there with a friend until they move somewhere new.

While people had some theories as to why there were indoor balconies, Rachel offered a plausible explanation.

"So apparently there are balconies bc (because) some rooms literally don't have windows and apparently that doesn't meet fire code," she explained in separate video.

"But if they have a balcony then it's fine because then if there's a fire they can jump from the balcony. Hence the weird creepy a** balcony."

Although she told people not to "quote" her on that.

One user said the explanation just made it all "worse".

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