Tiger quoll rescued from inside chicken coop

Curious rescue volunteers attended the Wonga Park property in the city’s outer east, but what they discovered inside was not a rodent at all. The creature hiding inside was probably the last thing they expected.

Dr Elaine Ong the founder of Vets for Compassion took a call from the rescuers who told her, “Oh my gosh, it’s a tiger quoll”. What was curious about the find is that quolls don’t live in Wonga Park.

Video transcript

- It's almost as if he familiar with humans.

- It feels like he's somewhat humanized.

- Yeah.

- He's a bit nocturnal.

- It's as if he was in a sanctuary or something.

- He seems to be pretty sleepy.

- Well, he could've been.

- Come on. Ugh!

- And fed I'm sure.

- Go, go, go.

- Oh.

- Is he moving?

- No.

- No, he's just--

- He's just enjoying this salon. You go out. Come on. Go out. You know? Out-- this way. You go out. That way? That way?

- He's going to-- it's like he's going to sleep.