Two tigers captured in Georgia after tornado ripped apart enclosure at safari park

Two tigers have been captured in west Georgia after a tornado-spawning superstorm tore through the region.

Pine Mountain Safari announced on Facebook that the tigers were captured after initially reported as unaccounted for inside the park. It was initially unclear if one or two tigers were missing.

“THE TIGERS ARE SAFE! Like much of Southwest Georgia, Pine Mountain Safari sustained extensive tornado damage this morning,” the park said. “Fortunately, none of our animals and employees were hurt. However, several animal enclosures were breached, and two tigers briefly escaped.”

“Both have now been found, tranquillized, and safely returned to a secure enclosure,” Wild Animal Safari announced. “We appreciate your concern and support during this difficult time. Pine Mountain Safari is committed to the safety of our employees, our animals, our customers, and our community. We will continue to update this page with other relevant storm-related information, as warranted.”

The big cats were reported missing from the Wild Animal Safari Park in Pine Mountain earlier on Sunday morning, according to the local sheriff’s office.

News of the roaming tigers, or tiger, came in the wake of a massive tornado which ripped apart the county, according to WSBTV, taking down trees and power lines, inflicting severe damage on buildings and leaving people trapped in their homes on Sunday.

A tornado watch is in place in Troup County until 1pm (local time) on Sunday, and a flood watch until Monday. Police have advised residents to stay home.

The park announced on Sunday morning that it had closed for the day.

“We have received a report from the Pine Mountain Animal Safari that they are reporting a Tiger that is unaccounted inside the park,” the Troup County Sheriff’s Office initially said on Facebook.

The tornado warnings for several counties in Georgia comes after deadly twisters tore through Mississippi and Alabama on Friday night, killing at least 26 people.

A flash flood warning is also in effect until 2.30pm in Upson, Meriwether, and Pike counties.

More than a thousand customers were without power at midday on Sunday, according to utility tracker