Tidal is increasing its HiFi plan to $11 per month

A family membership will cost $17 per month starting on August 1st.

Anna Webber via Getty Images

Tidal has followed Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music by increasing the price of its base HiFi subscription. Starting on August 1st, the cost of an individual membership is going up by $1 to $11 per month in the US, while the family plan will run you $17 per month, an increase of $2. According to Billboard, prices are going up in other markets too.

Tidal confirmed to Engadget that the Tidal HiFi Plus tier is not affected. This $20 per month plan includes Dolby Atmos Music, Sony 360 Audio and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) tracks. There appear to be no changes to the free tier, student plan and discounted military membership for now.

Several of Tidal's rivals have increased their prices in recent months. Deezer and Apple Music both bumped up the prices of their individual plans to $11 per month in late 2022. Amazon Music followed suit in February.

Spotify, meanwhile, hasn't changed the price of its $10 per month individual plan in the US since 2011. The company is expected to do so in the near future, following recent remarks by CEO Daniel Ek. Rumors also suggest that Spotify's long-awaited high-fidelity plan, which is said to include audiobooks, could arrive this year.

Update 7/3 2:53PM ET: Added clarification from Tidal.