Question that ticked off Hollywood star

Jacob Elordi Kyle and Jackie O
Australian actor Jacob Elordi (right) was allegedly involved in an altercation with a radio employee. Picture: Kyle and Jackie O

Audio recorded during an alleged altercation between a Hollywood star and an Australian radio worker has revealed the unusual question asked of Aussie actor Jacob Elordi outside a Sydney hotel.

The recording broadcasted on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show reveals what KISS FM employee Joshua Fox said to Elordi before the star allegedly “grabbed” him and “pushed (him) against a wall” outside Clovelly Hotel on Saturday.

Fox said he didn’t want to invade Elordi’s “personal space” and waited outside the beer garden for the Saltburn star to leave the venue.

“Excuse me Jacob, I just want to say hey I’m from the Kyle and Jackie O show,” he said, introducing himself to Elordi.

“Ah, well done man, that’s cool,” Elordi replied.

“Really random but I want to give you this, Jackie wants a birthday present,” Fox said while holding out an empty Tupperware container.

“Jacob Elordi’s bath water,” Elordi can be heard reading out.

“She’s a big fan of the movie,” Fox said.

“What am I supposed to do with this, put bath water in this?” Elordi questioned.

“If you want to, you can send it to the studio,” Fox replied.

“You’re kidding me right?” Elordi asked.

“Nah seriously, for Jackie O,” Fox replied.

“Are you filming?” Elordi asked.

“Yeah,” Fox replied.

“Can you not man, please?” Elordi asked before the audio abruptly cut out.

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Australian actor Jacob Elordi was allegedly involved in an altercation with an Aussie radio employee after he took offence to a crude question. Picture: Angela Weiss / AFP

The crude question was in reference to a sexually explicit scene in the recently released movie Saltburn in which Elordi’s character is depicted in a bathtub.

Fox said he ended the recording after Elordi requested he stop filming, which he said he was happy to do as the “joke didn't land”.

Fox said he felt “intimidated” as the star got “in (his) face” and backed him against a wall while Elordi’s security team stood on either side of him.

“A switch went off and he’s becoming quite aggressive,” Fox said while recounting the incident to radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

Elordi then allegedly asked Fox to delete the footage.

Supplied Editorial Joshua Fox. Picture: instagram
KISS radio employee Joshua Fox said he didn’t want to invade Elordi’s ‘personal space’. Picture: Instagram
Supplied Editorial Joshua Fox. Picture: instagram
He refused to delete the footage. Picture: Instagram

Fearing the altercation could escalate, Fox refused to delete the footage in order to keep evidence of the incident.

“If I delete this footage, then there’s no evidence that this encounter happened,” he said.

“Jacob kind of just flips … and pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat.

“One of his boys pulls him off me because they’re aware that this is going to become a thing.”

Fox said he started walking back to the venue before he was approached by one of Elordi’s “boys”, who made Mr Fox shake his hand and promise that the video wouldn’t go anywhere.

Fox said he never wanted the incident to end up in the media and revealed he didn’t intend on pressing charges or giving police a formal statement.

Fox said NSW Police seized CCTV of the incident before contacting him in case he did intend on making a statement.

He shut down an accusation by Sunrise entertainment editor Peter Ford that the altercation was all radio “theatre”.

Elordi has been contacted for comment.