Three men stranded on Uluru labelled idiots for ignoring warning signs

Three men stranded on sacred Aboriginal site Uluru have been labelled idiots across social media, with their rescue taking more than eight hours.

The trio, all aged 22, ignored warning signs not to climb the cultural site, also known as Ayers Rock, on Monday morning before they became stuck.

The men were reportedly trapped on the north side of the rock near the climbing track.

The Northern Territory Emergency Services headed to help the men around 1.30pm but only reached the trio around 9.30pm.

"NTES vertical rescue crews have just reached the three men who are stranded on Uluru and will proceed to evacuate them down the face of the rock to the base," NT Emergency Services said.

"Police on the scene have established that there are no reported injuries and the climbing party have sufficient water."

According to the official "Please Don't Climb Uluru" message, the climbing route is a sacred path of spiritual significance that is only taken by few Aboriginal men on special occasions.

People are also asked not to climb Uluru given people have died when climbing Ayers Rock in the past.