'I thought I was going to die': Aussie family's video captures Lombok earthquake aftermath

An Australian family caught up in the Indonesian earthquake disaster have spoken about their ordeal, saying they did not think they would make it out alive.

Adelaide man Darren Richards and his two children were holidaying near Lombok when the quake struck, killing almost 100 people.

Surveying the damage the morning after Lombok was rocked, Mr Richards was in shock.

The Richards family, from South Australia, were caught up in the Lombok earthquake. Source: 7 News
The damage to infrastructure has been significant after the Lombok earthquake. Source: 7 News

“Oh my gosh, I see it but I don’t believe it. Look at all the tiles off the roof,” he said in a video as he filmed the damage.

Mr Richards and his children were on one of the main restaurant strips on the Gili islands, having dinner on Sunday night when all hell broke loose.

“I just remember being thrown, like everything just moved to the left and then to the right, like two metres left and right, everything just shifted,” Mr Richards’ son Dawson recalled.

“After I realised what was happening, I thought I was just going to die, I thought that was it,” his sister, Kelsey, said.

“I don’t want to bring my children [here] to die this way,” Mr Richards said he thought as the quake stuck.

“This is not how I want our lives to end.”

There were chaotic scenes as tourists rushed to leave in the aftermath of the Lombok earthquake. Source: 7 News

Luckily they were not at their resort when the earthquake struck, instead rushing to higher ground along with terrified locals.

They spent the night there, adding that trying to communicate with Australian authorities was frustrating.

“DFAT were reluctant to help,” Mr Richards said.

“They said we’ve got no information coming out of Bali.”

On Monday, as the aftershocks continued, the family was caught up in a chaotic mass evacuation from the island.

This man was found alive from the rubble of a mosque in northern Lombok. Source: 7 News

After a terrifying ferry ride, they finally made it to Bali on Monday night.

But locals have not been so lucky, with the search for survivors ongoing.

On Tuesday, from the ruins of a village mosque in northern Lombok, there was success with a man pulled from the rubble injured but alive.

At least 100 people have died with many hundreds more injured, with local hospitals overwhelmed.

Several hundred Australians remain on Lombok, with the federal government sending aid on Tuesday night from Java.