This Week On Sunday Night: The Diana We Never Knew

Even after 20 years, Diana, Princess of Wales’ flame still burns brightly.

She set out to become the Queen of our hearts, and succeeded brilliantly – in life, and in death.

In this Sunday Night Royal Event the central people in Diana’s life agreed to step back into the spotlight.

Her best friend, Rosa Monckton. Her bodyguard, Ken Wharfe. Her trusted butler, Paul Burrell. The Fleet Street journalist Richard Kay. And her lover, James Hewitt.

Everybody loved the People’s Princess.

She was a luminary on the world stage, so sophisticated and seemingly confident. Yet Diana was also an incredibly vulnerable woman, scandal and sordid headlines never far away.

And for such a public personality, so much still remains private.

That is, until you’re allowed into her inner circle, and talk to her closest confidants.

Then you finally see the real Diana.

They revealed to Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle Diana’s most intimate secrets. The conspiracies, a chilling letter never before seen, and the answer to the question everyone wants to ask.