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Forty years ago, Australia was gripped by ABBA mania. The young Swedes were mobbed everywhere they went. Young and old lined the streets and packed their concerts. We embraced them wholeheartedly as honorary Aussies. Which was fitting, because without Australia, they might not have become one of the greatest music groups on earth. Reporter Rahni Sadler, who has been following them for years, celebrates that tour Down Under as ABBA reunites for a special anniversary event.


For a while there Paul Hogan wasn’t just an Australian, he was Australia to the rest of the world. First as Crocodile Dundee, then throwing a shrimp on the Barbie in those hugely successful tourism ads. But to us, he’s always been just Hoges – a bit of a rascal, but always good for a laugh. At 78, he’s more thoughtful and candid about his life and loves... but still as cheeky as ever.

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