'This man is a parasite!' Malcolm Turnbull unleashes the fury on Bill Shorten in Question Time

Natasha Christian

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not pulled any punches, unleashing a vicious tirade on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, dubbing him a “social climbing sycophant” and “parasite”.

The extraordinary Question Time attack saw the Prime Minister accuse Shorten of “sucking up to millionaires” and being in the pocket of Melbourne’s elite.

“There was never a union leader in Melbourne that tucked his knees under more billionaires' tables than the Leader of the Opposition,” Turnbull declared to cheers from the Liberal benches.

Turnbull dubbed Shorten a “social climbing sycophant” who yearned for his own harbour-side mansion.

The Prime Minister did not hold back in his response dubbing Bill Shorten a
The gloves were off for Malcolm Turnbull during Wednesday's Question Time. Photo: AAP.

The tirade came after the Labor leader accused the Prime Minister of being out of touch and unfit for the role.

Shorten accused Turnbull of attacking families, attacking standards of living, of being tough on pensioners and soft on banks.

Turnbull unleashed on Labor leader Bill Shorten in response to claims he was attacking families, standards of living and being too tough on pensioners and soft on banks. Photo: AAP.

He also slammed the Prime Minister as the “most out-of-touch personality to every hold the great office of Prime Minister.”

Turnbull didn’t pull any punches with his reply, which saw members of the Coalition cheering and applauding.

“This bloke has no consistency or integrity. He cannot be believed,” Turnbull said of Shorten during Question Time.

Turnbull joked “most” of the Labor Party “have never done a day's work in their life”.

Turnbull's heated response resulted in cheers and applause from Liberal benches. Photo: AAP.
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten during Wednesday's Question Time. Photo: AAP
Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's reaction said it all, as the fury erupted during Question Time on February 8. Photo: AAP

He also claimed Shorten craved a life of “luxury at the expense of the Australian taxpayer”.

“This man is a parasite.”