‘This isn’t difficult’: Video of cyclists riding on road sparks debate

A video of cyclists riding on a country road has sparked furious debate about the correct riding formation.

Jeremy Vine, a radio broadcaster for the BBC in the UK, tweeted a video of a number of cyclists riding together on the road nearly filling the entire lane.

“People who cycle in the country should be encouraged to ride two, three and four abreast like this,” Vine tweeted.

“For the following reasons: 1. It calms the traffic behind them 2. It makes it less easy for bad drivers to attempt dangerous passes 3. It is more pleasant and sociable for them.”

Vine then continued with a series of tweets claiming if a driver can’t pass the group in the video properly they probably can’t pass a single rider safely either.

“This isn't difficult and it's not up for argument,” he tweeted, reinforcing his point about passing.

However, the suggestion seemed to anger a number of drivers.

“It certainly does not ‘calm traffic behind them’, it just infuriates drivers and makes them more likely to attempt a dangerous overtake,” one man tweeted.

“Cyclists should be considerate of other road users who pay tax to use the roads (unlike them) and keep to the side of the road.”

Another man suggested the riding style would cause “more danger for cyclists”.

“Speaking as both a cyclist and driver – this will frustrate drivers when they’re having to drive for long distances at a cycling rate without the ability to overtake,” he tweeted.

“Long tailbacks. Increased aggro. More danger for cyclists.”

However, others added it is up to drivers “to make allowances for cyclists”.

“There's an entire lane to overtake in, and it's the same lane you would use to overtake a car,” another man tweeted.

A man pictured cycling up a mountain.
Cyclists are often told to ride in certain formations to allow for traffic to safely pass. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Surrey Police also responded to the video and tried to calm people down.

“No driver should need to get angry in those circumstances,” police tweeted.

“Anyone can pass very easily and safely. Drivers and riders have to take each section of road as they find it and adjust accordingly; being safe and courteous.”

The video also appears to contravene the UK’s Highway Code rules for cyclists which state they should only ride two abreast at most.

Police explained you can ride more than two abreast but “if you choose not to (follow the code), it can be used by a court to help decide liability if an incident occurs”.

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