THIRD Melbourne school caught up in misogynistic scandal as disturbing bathroom list emerges

It's the latest troubling 'list' scandal to emerge from a Melbourne school this month.

A degrading list ranking girls in order of
A third last ranking female students has been made public, found scriblled on the back of a bathroom door at Brentwood Secondary College in Melbourne. Source: Brentwood Secondary College/7News

Yet another Australian high school has come under fire after being caught up in a misogynistic scandal involving young male students, with parents left raging. A new degrading list that sexually "ranks" girls for their perceived promiscuity was found on the back of a bathroom door and has now been made public.

Brentwood Secondary College in Glen Waverley, in Melbourne's southeast, is the latest school to attract criticism after the demeaning list surfaced. According to reports it ranked female students in order of who was the "biggest s**t" and was found scribbled on the back of a toilet stall this week.

The school's principal John Ballagh said those identified as being involved will be "immediately" disciplined, 7News reported.

A list found at Yarra Valley Grammar School which ranks girls in order of
Four students from Yarra Valley Grammar School have been suspended over this list. Picture: Google Maps/NCA Newswire

It's the third list of its kind to be made public across the city in May. Now some parents are calling for immediate action to be taken against those responsible, with fears female students will flee coed colleges altogether.

On Tuesday, students at McClelland Secondary College in Frankston were found to be in possession of another "ranking" list. It’s understood this list was found on a computer and apparently written by a Year 10 boy. Speaking to media, shocked and appalled parents branded the worrying trend "disturbing".

The mother of a girl on the McClelland list told 7News her daughter "doesn’t feel safe".

"It’s disturbing," she said. "I was told it’s a rape and murder list. It’s unbelievable, the child was only suspended for a week. If he is to return, half of the girls in Year 10 won’t."

The student involved should face expulsion, another parent argued. “I’d expect they’d be expelled from the school, but then how does that fix it?” she said. “How does that help the child?”

McClelland College Year 12 student Sienna Parnacott said she "certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable if that was me."

"Hopefully (the school can) discipline them in the right way so they don’t do it again," she told the network.

A view of the playground at McClelland College in Frankston in Melbourne.
A list ranking the appearance of female students was found on a boy's computer at McClelland College. Source: McClelland College

Earlier this month, four boys from another Melbourne private school were suspended after a list was posted to social media, again rating their female classmates.

The shocking list was posted by Year 11 students from Yarra Valley Grammar School in Ringwood onto the platform Discord and was later discovered by the school.

It featured photos of female students and ranked them from best to worst as "wifeys", "cuties", "mid", "object", "get out" and "unrapeable". The school reported the matter to police.

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