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Woman kept dead body in house to watch TV with
Charles Zigler, Photo: Handout

A woman has admitted keeping the dead body of her boyfriend in a chair in her house for more than 18 months so she would have someone to watch television with.

Linda Chase, 72, of Michigan in the United States, told Associated Press, she kept the Charles Zigler's body clean and dressed and often talked to him, especially when watching her beloved NASCAR racing.

After being notified by concerned family, police discovered the mummified body in Ms Chase's living room last week and believed he died of natural causes.

While Ms Chase has not been arrested, she is being investigated for financial fraud after cashing in benefit cheques after Mr Zigler's death.

"It’s not that I’m heartless. I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me," Ms Chase said.

He just fell asleep and never woke up. I would talk to him and watch NASCAR races on television with him."

"I’m probably going to prison,' she said. 'I told them the truth. I didn’t lie about that."

Authorities are investigating buy Mr Zigler's 48-year-old son, Wally, said he tried to see his father but wasn't allowed in the house.

"That wasn’t right to leave him lay like that," he said.

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