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Early detection helps the fight
Early detection helps the fight

The lead-up to the New Year is a time to reflect and prepare for new beginnings, but two years ago, the future wasn’t looking so bright for Brian Burchard.

The Boulder resident was diagnosed with bowel cancer on December 30, 2010.

After feeling unwell for most of the day, he went to the hospital.

“The next morning they took me down for cat scans and X-rays and found a blockage,” Mr Burchard said. “(Afterwards the) surgeon said ‘yes, I’m pretty sure you have cancer’.”

The 65-year-old went into surgery just a few days later and the blockage was removed, however, a secondary cancer, in Mr Burchard’s liver, was discovered during the operation.

Mr Burchard said he would urge people to visit their doctor without delay. “I had medical training in the army; I was a medic,” he said. “I should have used my brains and realised what was going on, but you don’t think like that.”

He said he would also encourage people to make use of the Federal Government’s bowl screening packs – now sent every five years to people between the ages of 50 and 65.

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