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Controls: Barry Haase says a licensing system penalises the guilty without impacting on the innocent.
Controls: Barry Haase says a licensing system penalises the guilty without impacting on the innocent.

Durack MP Barry Haase has called for the licensing of problem drinkers as a means of helping curb alcohol abuse.

Mr Haase believes licensed premises should be able to identify customers who have a court history of alcohol abuse so they cannot buy full-strength alcohol.

Under the system, he would fine and ban licensed premises which continue to serve full-strength alcohol to at-risk drinkers.

“Western Australia is in dire need of a ‘licence to consume alcohol’ program,” he said.

“This program should entail all West Australians be required to, along with interstate and foreign tourists, produce photo identification to purchase takeaway full strength alcohol.

“In addition to this every liquor outlet in Western Australia should have a reference portal at their point of sale updated daily with infringements and sentences from the courts.

“Any conviction detailing alcohol as being the cause of any crime would negate the eligibility for an individual to purchase full strength alcohol.

Persons found guilty of supplying alcohol to those people on the ‘prohibited to purchase full strength alcohol list’ would be fined and have their licence revoked.”

Mr Haase said he believed such a scheme would penalise the guilty without impacting on the innocent, which had been the result of location-specific prohibition laws.

“Rather than shut down legitimate businesses who sell a legal product, the State must look at deploying more resources,” he said.

Mr Haase said ad hoc regulation was a bandaid solution, when serious consideration was needed for longterm, effective remedies.

“A formalised process of alcohol management is something that would, I believe, reduce the occurrence of anti social behaviour so drastically impacting our society.”

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