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The Lip - Growlers on the Rocks
The Lip - Growlers on the Rocks

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis casts his eye over the kegs from here and abroad.

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They're an aptly called beer accessory.

Many times has a craft beer aficionado been in their reliable brew store only to be without their vessel to take home a recently-arrived batch of a favourite drop. Now that’s a growler.

There is a strong affinity in the industry for squealers (one litre) and growlers (two litres).

Fresh is best and walking back home with your Jed Clampett-style bottle of liquid gold makes the heart beat faster.

But growlers have a few issues. Fortunately, the Rocks Brewing Company have offered a solution to some of the problems with the introduction of a PET version.

Yes, that’s correct. They are plastic bottles. However, before raising the eyebrows realise Aussies fell in love with the wine cask, too. And we're coming around to craft beer in a can.

Growlers are expensive, have to be vigorously cleaned, are heavy and are prone to being left at home when you notice the great new keg being siphoned at the local brew house.

The Rocks’ custom manufactured bottles are 100 per cent recyclable and offer beer lovers the chance to ensure that their beer is totally fresh, explains head brewer, Scott Morgan.

“There have always been issues with reusable growler systems,” he says. “People don’t always sterilise them properly because they don’t realise that even the tiniest amount of bacteria or stale beer left in a growler can infect the fresh beer and spoil the lot.”

The Rocks’ bottles look like tradition brown glass growlers but are considerably lighter.

Even better, the PET growlers also negate the need for new fans to place a down payment on a bottle, and repeat customers don’t have to remember to always have their growler with them.

“If you’re in the Lord Raglan (Hotel) for example and you try something new off a rotating tap for the weekend – or we’ve got a new limited edition on at the Brewery Bar you can now grab a PET growler to go,” says Morgan.

“You don’t have to pay for a new one if you don’t have yours on hand, and there’s no need to return it. Simply chuck it in the recycling bin and off you go.”

Rocks Brewing acknowledges a lot of fans already have personal growlers and braulers – the stainless steel version – and are happy to fill them at both the Brewery Bar and Lord Raglan. The only condition is the bottles have been thoroughly cleaned prior to arrival, as there will be no facilities at either bar.

Prices for growlers start at $20 for Rocks Brewing’s core range beers.

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