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Health Minister Kim Hames has welcomed the transfer of the lucrative contract to operate the privately-run, publicly owned Peel Health Campus from Health Solutions WA to Ramsay Health.

The offloading of the Peel Health Campus operating contract caps a turbulent year for Health Solutions WA and the hospital, which was the subject of corruption claims in Parliament relating to alleged incentives to doctors to admit patients.

The problems at the hospital, which were probed by a Parliamentary committee and a recently-completed but yet to be released Government report, were first raised by hospital whistleblower Ashton Foley, who turned out to be a fraud.

Dr Hames said he was very happy that rival provider Ramsay Health would be taking over the contract.

“Ramsay are a great outfit and we’ve seen the way they operate both with Hollywood Hospital and Joondalup (Health Campus).

“I’ve got a great deal of faith that they’ve got a capacity to provide a much better overall management of the Peel health campus with the staff that are already there that are fantastic.

“They do a very good job, they meet the very highest levels of requirements that we put on them already.”

Singapore-based Jon Fogarty was Peel Health Campus’s executive chairman until 2012 and was paid close to $10 million in shareholder dividends.

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