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Rodman swears off Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and former NBA star Dennis Rodman watch an exhibition basketball game in Pyongyang, North Korea. Picture: Reuters

Dennis Rodman has vowed never to return to North Korea following his controversial visit in January.

The former basketball star has struck up a friendship with the country's leader Kim Jong Un and during his trip earlier this year he was caught on camera singing Happy Birthday to the dictator.

Rodman's trip sparked a wave of criticism and the sports star subsequently checked into rehab after returning to the US.

He has now given an emotional interview in which he declares he will never return to North Korea.

Rodman is seen with tears rolling down his face as he tells ESPN: "What makes me so damn bad? What makes me this bad, awful person?

"I don't want people to look at me as the devil or evil person. If I put anyone in harm's way, I apologise, you know . . . If you don't want me to go back there ever again, I won't go back."

When asked about his stint in rehab, Rodman insists he didn't enrol in the program to address a drinking problem, but instead wanted to "decompress from all the things I was going through". He plans to return for treatment every six months.

During his basketball career Rodman played for numerous NBA teams including the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

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