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Dale Vine and Brad Cranfield. Picture: Supplied

D *ale Vine *is the lovable larrikin Australia can't get enough of. He first won audiences over when he appeared on The Block in 2012 with wife *Sophie *, and came back for a second go at the reality renovation contest in the current Fans v Faves series with fellow season-five veteran *Brad Cranfield *.

And with the Melbourne loft apartments set to go under the auctioneer's hammer in two weeks, reports have suggested TV executives are keen to give the laid-back jokester his own show because of his overwhelming popularity with viewers.

However, Vine tells _AAA _he won't believe anything until an offer is on the table.

"I like working in television; it's been good fun mucking around in front of the cameras," the landscaper says. "I wouldn't say no to something if it popped up but at this stage I haven't got any ideas as to what I'll do."

Something else viewers will see more of if Vine gets his own show is the 32-year-old's new neck tattoo of a large tawny frogmouth bird, which has created quite a buzz on social media since making its small-screen debut in January.

The ruffian, who recently scrubbed up to do some modelling for Myer, says it's just a matter of fans getting used to the fresh ink.

"I suppose it's just one of those things - people haven't really seen an identity on TV that's had a tattoo so visual on the neck," Vine says.

"You get a lot of reactions, some good and some bad, but I am used to it because I see it every day. Australia is getting used to it too now."

With just one week left until all four apartments in the converted Albert Park theatre are complete, winning the final indoor room reveal last night was a real victory for Vine and Cranfield, who made a controversial decision to put a large bath in the corner of their main bedroom to put a "splash" in the space.

Vine says his bromance with Cranfield, which has added a healthy dose of comic value to the show this year, will last long after the winner is decided at auction day on April 8, the result of which will be broadcast on Nine/WIN the following day.


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