Theo James admits playing James Bond 'would be terrifying'

Theo James is adamant he's not interested in playing James Bond credit:Bang Showbiz
Theo James is adamant he's not interested in playing James Bond credit:Bang Showbiz

Theo James fears playing James Bond would be "terrifying" and insisted there are "better people for that job".

The 39-year-old 'Divergent' star is among the names linked to the role of 007 as Bond bosses search for a replacement for Daniel Craig - who stepped down from the franchise following the release of 2021 film 'No Time to Die' - but Theo is adamant he's not interested in taking on such a huge part with all the added pressure.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "Everyone’s interested in that [playing Bond] because it’s a big part of British cultural identity, but that probably wouldn’t be me.

"I do think there are better people for that job. And, honestly, it would be terrifying: if you do that, there’s no going back. You’re opening Pandora’s box there. You have got to be willing to live a very different life and have a different life for your family. And that would be pretty tricky."

The actor - who has Greek heritage - added: "Plus, my mates would [make fun] of me. Because they always say, ‘Bondopoulos – the Greek Bond'."

Theo went on to address the speculation linking him to the role, insisting it is "flattering" but it's also "every male actor within a certain age" and he would much rather play a historical figure like King Henry III instead of Bond.

Theo previously admitted he's not particularly "comfortable" with fame and can't see himself "just being an actor" when he's older.

Speaking to Brett Goldstein for Variety's Actors on Actors series, he explained: "Life is complicated. I’m not necessarily sure I could see myself just being an actor at my parents’ age.

"It’s not so much I’ve had enough. But I always saw it as, 'It’s a job.' And I think the world has evolved in the last couple of decades; now it’s hard to delineate between the job and celebrity. Some of it I find uncomfortable."