The Three Amigos: Overcoming Tourette’s with music

Vocal outbursts, uncontrollable swearing, twitching, head shaking, involuntary and repetitive movements and sounds, even momentary paralysis. This is all part of a normal day for young Aussies Adam, James and Cameron; The Three Amigos. Best mates living with the bizarre, misunderstood and frustrating neurological disorder, Tourette’s. 

Their constant tics and uncontrollable outbursts made their lives hell. They would dread catching public transport, going to school, visiting a café, shopping centre or cinema. But give The Three Amigos a microphone, some drum sticks and guitar, and their Tourette’s instantly disappears.

“When I sing the Tourette’s goes away, so it’s kind of like the world is telling me I have to sing to get rid of my Tourette’s.” Adam told reporter Rahni Sadler in a Sunday Night interview.

Adam came runner up on The Voice last year, and said singing allowed him to be transported to another world, a world where he was just like anyone else.

For James, playing the drums brings relief from his tics. With his long hair and boundless energy, he fits the part of the heavy metal rockstars he admires.

“Music is just so therapeutic. I guess it goes back to that idea of I am focusing on something I enjoy,” James said.

For James Sayers, playing the drums brings relief from his tics.

Cameron, the youngest of the group, finds that his Tourette’s disappears when he plays the guitar.

"I love guitar. I'm hoping to keep playing that and maybe do gigs when I'm older," he said.

Cameron loves to play guitar, and finds that it helps his Tourette's.

Undoubtedly, the bond between these three is unique. Inspiring mates, breaking down barriers and helping others to face the world they feared.

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