The stories that caught your attention this week

The stories that caught your attention this week

From a hero train commuter to the terrifying moment a jumping castle was sent flying into the air, these are the most-watched viral videos of the week.

Hero commuter attacked after stepping in to stop racist rant

A video of a man standing up for three Muslim women being racially abused by two tradesmen on a Melbourne train went viral this week.

"One of them made reference to her headscarf, saying 'you shouldn't be wearing that shit in Australia'," the man who stepped in, Jason Cias, 36, said.

Mr Cias was told to mind his own business before one of the assailant's got to his feet and allegedly punched him in the left cheek.

The men moved to another carriage after a fellow commuter stepped in to separate them. Mr Cias got off the train at Kensington with two witnesses. One captured the assault on her mobile phone and contacted police.

"No one should be doing that to anyone regardless of race or gender or religious creed," he said.

Driver 'walks the plank' to load car into ship

A Toyota Hilux driver has taken ‘off road’ to a new extreme, attempting to drive their vehicle into a ship while using a plank to get across a body of water.

The nail-biting video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and offers a minute of suspense as the driver attempts to navigate the plank and safely get across to the ship.

It seems totally insane and just when you expect the driver to fail in their mission… they don’t.

Instead they succeed and are applauded by the audience watching on.

Waitress attacks unruly customer

When a Russian waitress meted out a serving of swift justice to a overly-friendly patron, the world applauded.
The video quickly went viral and has now been watched by millions around the world.

Boy dives off bridge, lands on manatee

This was the amazing moment a teenage boy dived off a wooden bridge and landed on a manatee.

Can American kids handle “the Vegemite”?

American Kids taste-test Australian school snacks

Jumping castle blown into the air while kids play

A beachgoer captured the terrifying moment a water spout lifted a jumping castle full of children metres into the air.