The once-in-a-liftetime images

Mia Greves

Amazing images have emerged of a mother who gave birth in her car on the way to hospital.

The photographer hired for the big day was travelling on the highway behind her and managed to catch up, and capture the safe arrival of baby Matilda.

Little Matilda is blissfully unaware of her speedy entry into the world, but she will always have these stunning photos to remind her.

And there is a new bond between mum, Corinne Cinatly, and Bendigo photographer Breanna Gravener

Breanna captured the intimate photos of the 29-year-old giving birth, in the front seat of her car on the way to Castlemaine hospital.

Baby Matilda, safe and sound: Credit: Breanna Gravener

Breanna said: “When I captured that, I knew that was probably once in a lifetime.”

It was a family affair: From proud husband Mishi helping out to three-year-old year old Charlie looking on, sharing his sister’s arrival.

Corrine, exhausted but ecstatic, after Matilda's arrival. Credit: Breanna Gravener

Corrine said: “I feel like there was a higher power taking care of us at that moment. His [Charlie’s] face, Bree captured perfectly, just how excited he was when he got to see her.

Breanna's buisness is called the birth story - and now she has one to remember.

When word came through of Corrine’s early labor, the photographer drove past her house on a hunch and then followed her car.

Corrine said: “When I saw her I think I almost cried with excitement because I was so happy she had captured that surreal moment.”

Giving birth near an apple shop on the side of a country road would have been traumatic for many families but luck was again on Corrine’s side as she is a teacher of the hypnobirthing method - a technique which focuses on breathing and relaxation.

Photographer Breanna is expecting her second baby next month, and now she is ready for anything.

Dad Mishi, and brother Charlie, celebrate after the arrival of Matilda.