The new campaign to help parents control their child's screen time

A new parenting support campaign is encouraging thousands of Queensland mums and dads affected by domestic violence to reach out and ask for help.

The Triple P program aims to help break the cycle of violent behaviour and tackle issues like appropriate screen time for children.

The free service was launched in Brisbane on Wednesday.

The program aims to get parents to reach out for help.

“Lots of programs just focus on the pointy end, the difficult families who've already experienced major, major problems, this is about the prevention of those problems,” Professor Matt Sanders told 7 News.

The aim is to encourage parents to ask for help when they face challenges like domestic violence.

Triple P aims to inform parents of different ways to entertain their children.

New research shows 55 percent of Australian children under the age of five spend up to 30 minutes a day on mobile phones each week and more than three-quarters of teenagers exceed the recommended two hour daily dose of screen time.

The Triple P program informs parents of other ways to entertain children.

“There are lots of other things to keep kids busy and interested,” Professor Matt Sanders said.

The aim is to reach around 140-thousand Queensland Mums and Dads in the next two years.

Morning news break – September 15