The Morning After: There's never been a better time to be a camera nerd

Compacts, DSLRs, action cams and, of course, mirrorless cameras.

Steve Dent/Engadget

Since smartphones obliterated the casual photography market, camera manufacturers are focusing on building models designed for very specific uses. Mirrorless cameras continue to improve in autofocus, video and more, while lens ranges expand year on year. Action cams provide sharp, fluid video, compact cameras target both tourists and vloggers and DSLRs are available at some of the best prices we’ve seen. We walk you through 2023’s highlights so far, including full-frame marvels, like Sony's ZV-E1, the Canon EOS R6 II and the Panasonic S5 II. (I am on the precipice of ordering the ZV-E1, myself.)

If you’re considering a camera upgrade, this is a very good time to do so. Engadget’s Steve Dent walks you through the options.

– Mat Smith

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The Ayaneo 2S is another powerful Steam Deck rival

With an AMD Ryzen 7000 chip likely the same as the one in ASUS ROG Ally.

TMA (Engadget)

Ayaneo has confirmed its upcoming Ayaneo 2S Steam Deck-like handheld console will be powered by an AMD chip identical to the one in the ASUS ROG Ally. The AMD Ryzen 7000 chip is likely the Ryzen 7 7840U, a chip supposed to be nigh on the same as the Ally’s AMD Z1 Extreme. The Ayaneo 2S will also come with a three-pipe cooler and other improvements. The Ayaneo 2S looks identical to the Ayaneo 2 we reviewed earlier this year but has improvements that address some of our key complaints. Namely, the new 7000 series processor with Radeon 780M graphics offers "substantial performance gains.”

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Dyson's $949 air-purifying Zone headset is now available in the US

It has a detachable visor that stretches across your face.

If Zyou hate breathing in pollutants and don't mind being stared at, then your time might have come: The Dyson Zone headphones are finally available to buy in the US. They're available on Dyson Direct in prussian blue and bright copper, with case, soft pouch, two filters and an in-flight adapter kit, all for the low, low price at $949. Here’s what we thought of the Zone.

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Teenage Engineering reveals a gorgeous mic I can’t afford

But I still want it.

TMA (Teenage Engineering)

Teenage Engineering has long made music gadgets with slick design and features, and now it’s dabbling in microphones. The CM-15 is described as the world’s “first all-in-1 mic offering.” There is a built-in battery that gets ten hours of use per charge, or you can plug it into any USB-C port to get some juice. As for connections, there’s a 3.5mm line output, a mini XLR and the aforementioned USB-C port. The microphone includes a built-in preamp, too. However, it’ll cost over $1,200 to bring this stylish microphone home. It starts shipping in June.

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PlayStation VR2 is finally heading to retailers

It’s been exclusive to the Direct sales platform since launch.

The well-reviewed yet pricey PlayStation VR2 headset is making its way to retailers after a two-month stint of exclusivity at Sony’s own website. The company shared the news on Twitter but has not set an official date or even announced what lucky retailers would get their mitts on the PS5-adjacent headset. Sony tells customers to check with local retailers for availability information.

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