The Morning After: How did Tesla win the EV charging wars?

Stellantis is now on board.


Electric vehicles from Stellantis brands, including Dodge and Chrysler, will start using the NACS connector in select models next year. The automaker will also offer an adaptor for existing vehicles, so drivers can use NACS or Combined Charging System (CCS) ports.

Tesla open-sourced its EV charging connector back in 2022. Back then, it rebranded it as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), pitching it as better than rival chargers with “no moving parts, is half the size, and twice as powerful”.

The pitch worked, and automakers — Volkswagen, GM, Volvo, Polestar, Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Lucid — gradually sided with NACS. Stellantis says it’s still committed, with other car manufacturers, to building a network of more than 30,000 fast charging points on highways and in urban areas in North America by 2030. These stations will support NACS and CCS.

— Mat Smith

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Intuitive Machines will attempt first commercial moon landing

It could make history with its Nova-C lander.

Houston-based space company Intuitive Machines is gearing up for an actual moonshot. It’ll try to land a spacecraft named Odysseus on the lunar surface — ideally without it breaking. The mission follows Astrobotic’s unsuccessful attempt in January; that company’s lander, Peregrine, never made it to the moon. Odysseus is the first of three Nova-C landers Intuitive Machines plans to send to the Moon this year, all of which will have commercial payloads and NASA instruments on board. Its mission, if it nails a soft landing, will be a short but potentially valuable one for informing future excursions. Orbiting probes have found evidence of water ice at the lunar south pole, which could be used for astronaut subsistence and even fuel.

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You no longer have to visit an Apple Store if you forget your Vision Pro passcode

A new update, available Monday, lets you reset the headset at home.

TMA (Engadget)

There are always early issues. If you were one of the Vision Pro owners that lost their passcodes in the first week of ownership, you had to visit an Apple Store (or ship the device to AppleCare) to reset it and be able to use your $3,500 device again. Fortunately, visionOS 1.0.3 will let you do the password reset at home.

But seriously, if you forgot your password in the first week — you’ve got problems.

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Phil Spencer will address Xbox multiplatform rumors on February 15

Will Microsoft go cross-platform?

The internet has been buzzing the last couple of weeks with rumors that Microsoft will begin publishing Xbox first-party games on competing consoles. The company promised it would soon share more details about its “vision for the future of Xbox,” and that looks to be coming on February 15. Phil Spencer will appear on the Official Xbox Podcast to share “updates on the Xbox business.” It’s an unusual move, with Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, and Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, joining Spencer on the podcast.

There have been all kinds of rumors flooding the web, from Hi-Fi Rush coming to the Nintendo Switch to Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle showing up on the PS5. All may become clear later this week.

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