The man who makes the cheesiest art in the world

Natasha Christian

Andy Huot is responsible for the world’s cheesiest art.

The 34-year-old mechanical engineer by-day has found unlikely fame by making art out of cheese curls… or what most Australians know as ‘Twisties’. Huot’s busy life in Kentucky, (U.S), meant he often worked late on projects.


Because of this he also often failed to eat a proper meal for dinner.

“I would get so involved that I did not want to stop and prepare an appropriate meal, so I snacked on unhealthy food,” he told Yahoo7.

But this bad habit led to his ‘eureka’ moment that cheese curls could be turned into art.

Andy's cheesy 'Sasquatch' Photo: CheeseCurlsOfInstagram

“One night I snacked on some Cheetos… I found Sasquatch and other interesting shapes – at least a couple in each bag,” he said.

“I would identify the shape, take a picture with my phone and eat it”.

As for his preferred curl, Huot said he couldn’t go past a bag of Cheetos.

“The have the best quality control so the seasoning is consistent and their shapes are more interesting,” he said.

“The ‘Flamin Hot’ flavour seems to have the best shapes for some reason”.

Huot started to show his friends his imaginative photos and they encouraged him to do even more.

Evolution of man... in cheese curls. Photo: Andy Huot.

“Eventually I had around 40 photos…everyone seemed entertained by this and my brother suggested I create an Instagram account,” he said.

In October 2013 @CheeseCurlsOfInstagram was born.

In two years it gained 45,000 followers with just over 80 photos – from cheesy versions of Sasquatch to the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon and the evolutionary process.

“As my following grew I felt more pressure to produce good work,” Huot said.

“I was tired of seeing my cheesy fingers so I improved my photos with new techniques,” he said.

And if you think art from cheese-flavoured chips can’t be ‘deep’ you’re mistaken.

Gonzo from the Muppets... in cheese art.

“I also started using multiple Cheetos to create dioramas such as ‘The Execution-Style Killing of a Man for Being Different,’ which is my favourite,” he said.

“All Cheetos are saved and sorted in a special container”.

Even his photo captions have become part of the work of art.

“I often do research and create several drafts before I am satisfied. The captions are the most important and most challenging part of the art,” he said.

Since finding a bit of fame from his unusual art, Huot started an Etsy selling prints of some of his favourite works.

When he’s not working or looking for the next cheese curl masterpiece, Huot can usually be found at the gym or in the kitchen.

“I lift weights and do cardio five days a week, I also really enjoy cooing and grilling,” he said.

As for his cheesy artworks, Huot was unsure what the future had in store.

“Cheese Curl Art is a hobby, my level of interest in it varies with time depending on what else is going on in my life.

“I’m not sure where I’ll take it in the future, but do have a lot of fun with it,” he said.

Check out Andy Huot’s cheese curl masterpieces for yourself on Instagram or ETSY.


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