The Clive Palmer exclusive

At his Dinosaur Park/resort in Queensland, Palmer explained he had decided to leave the reporter alone with his new team so as not to steal the show.

It turns out he just had engine trouble.

It is this classically bizarre behavior that has led many to underestimate Palmer – that and choosing a team of completely inexperienced politicians to run his party.

Tasmania's Jacqui Lambie is a former soldier who suffered many years of pain and depression from back injury she acquired while in service.

"I'd like to change the way our veterans are treated because they are treated poorly and I'd like to help Tasmania because right now it is in a state of emergency," Lambie said.

"I did some back damage um during whilst I was in the army and then I had to fight veterans affairs for the next 10 or 13 years. Spent ten years basically laying between the couch and the bed and in … psychiatric units."

Queensland's Glenn Lazarus is Palmer's right hand man in the party.

Known as "The Brick with Eyes", Lazarus is a former champion Rugby League player and the first player in history to win premierships with three separate clubs (Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne).

"Recently, I've felt that this country's lacked some real leadership and I think that we're heading down a scary path with the current government and the Opposition."

Victoria's Ricky Muir had the lowest primary vote ever recorded for a senator.

Ricky got just 0.51 percent of primary votes. He steals the record from the Nuclear Disarmament Party's Robert Wood, who polled 1.5 percent in New South Wales in 1987.

It was 23 group preferences that put him in the remaining senate seat.

Ricky Muir is a father of five who says he will continue to work at a Victorian forestry mill until the day he steps into Parliament on July 1.

"I certainly have a very clear understanding of the needs of the working class Australian yes"

From July 1, this team will hold negotiating power in parliament and the deciding vote on new legislation.

It should be interesting.