The Birdman

25 March, 2012
Producer: Paul Waterhouse
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
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The most incredible vision of a man flying like a bird that has ever been captured on film. Wearing just a wing suit cape, and with absolutely no engine or jet pack involved, Jeb Corliss hurtles through the air at 200km/h.

This crazy American, who leaps from mountains, skyscrapers and helicopters, met Sunday Night in 2009 when he outlined his dream to plummet thousands of metres and land without a parachute.

But driven to pushing the limit, Jeb recently made a big mistake and pushed his luck too far. Jumping from South Africa’s Table Mountain Jeb was hoping to fly so fast and so close to the mountain he wanted to virtually touch it. But on the third day he miscalculated and slammed into the rock shelf at 200km/h. It’s amazing he lived. Instead he broke both ankles and shattered his left leg.

After seven weeks in a Cape Town Hospital, Sunday Night has returned with Jeb to the United States and followed his attempts to walk again.

Jeb's website is


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