'The Apprentice was more about boardgames than the boardroom for me'

Yoga teacher Maura Rath confessed she probably had too much fun on the BBC show after being fired by Lord Sugar in Week 9.

The Apprentice contestant Maura Rath was fired in week 9 2024
Yoga teacher Maura Rath reveals that behind the scenes The Apprentice is more about boardgames than the boardroom. (BBC)
  • The Apprentice's Maura Rath was sent home by Lord Sugar in a double firing with Project Manager Raj Chohan, after being accused of 'screaming' at viewers during the infamous Shopping Channel task.

  • Yoga teacher Rath insists she is usually a very calm person, but admits the tension of the boardroom got to her. But the Irish entrepreneur also confessed she had had "too much fun" on the show and told Yahoo UK how her Apprentice experience had been centred around playing boardgames, eating junk food, and learning to leave work at the office.

Believe it or not I actually am a Zen person! My yoga practice is like my prayer. Every single morning I get up and I get on my mat and I do my practice. But when you're in The Apprentice, you are woken up at 4am, we have no phones, no alarm clock so I wasn't able to get up and do my yoga.

Maybe that was something to do with my crazy mess that you've seen in the last episode!

Watching myself back on the Shopping Channel task, I didn't think I was really screaming. My voice was a little bit tickly after, but I'm passionate and I'm someone that feeds off energy. So when they were talking in my ear, the energy in my ear was buzzing, and I was putting that out there.

Apprentice contestant Maura is a yoga teacher. (Maura Rath/BBC)
Apprentice contestant Maura is a yoga teacher. (Maura Rath/BBC)

I think leaving in a double firing was better because myself and Raj are such good friends, we have a sisterhood. So it was nice going out together. But it was still a big shock.

I don't know how Phil is still in there after nine losses! Maybe he's the cat with nine lives? And he's just used his ninth life... I don't know — in Week 10 there will pressure on him as Project Manager, but honestly I though it would be him or Flo getting fired. Leaving after Raj was such a shock.

Being in that boardroom... you can see on screen it is stressful. But the stress feels ten times worse when you are actually living it. When Lord Sugar walks in — I am a fan girl, I really really admire his work — but I was so scared.

When he walked in I didn't think I could hear my heart. I would hit my chest to check it was still beating! I don't know if it's just his energy, his power? And we really have no idea if we have lost or won. We don't even get much chance to talk to the rest of our team until that boardroom. So the fear on our faces is real.

Maura admitted she was surprised by her 'funny faces' on the show. (BBC)
Maura admitted she was surprised by her 'funny faces' on the show. (BBC)

Some people have complained about the way they were edited on the show. I feel like I said what I said and I am me. Obviously they have to cut it down, but for me the edit is the edit. Although I was surprised seeing my facial expressions sometimes. I did pull a lot of funny faces. I didn't realise the camera would be so close up on my face! But I feel it was fairly edited. Otherwise it would be too long and boring.

Noor has said she had a very negative experience on the show. I didn't really work with her but she was in my bedroom and she was lovely. She was one of my roomies, so I definitely have a lot of time for her.

Maura Rath said behind the scenes The Apprentice contestants have so much fun. (BBC)
Maura Rath said behind the scenes The Apprentice contestants have so much fun. (BBC)

I ended up in the boardroom a few times and Jack tried to blame the failure of the negotiation task on me. Lord sugar believed me and that was the truth, it backfired on Jack. Then Sam tried to pin it on my Arctic Prince in the cereal task. I don't take it personally, I know he was a good polar bear. Maybe because I'm a confident person, I know who I am. So when people are drawing daggers, I just send you love. It's all good.

And actually what we did in the house was whatever happened in the boardroom was work and you can't take your work home. So when we were all living together we had a lot of fun. We played a lot of board games, we used to play Traitors. We used to dance. I used to teach everyone yoga. We would have such fun that we would make up for all that had gone on in the boardroom.

I also ate a lot of junk food! I was surprised by how some of the other candidates ate. I didn't think I was that healthy but in the morning there was a lot of white bread and sugar and stuff. So I found myself eating a lot of junk. And maybe that had a bit of an effect on my mood on the show.

Yoga teacher Maura Rath said she had 'too much fun' on The Apprentice. (BBC)
Yoga teacher Maura Rath said she had 'too much fun' on The Apprentice. (BBC)

Overall maybe I had a bit too much fun - I had the craic the whole way through. But I had my eye on the prize and I am such a manifester. So I'm still getting over the fact that I got fired!

I am going to stay in touch with most of people. Out of the girls I'd love Rachel to win, because we were close in the house. And out of the guys I'm tipping Tre. I'm a fan, he's got one of the best beats around. What you see is what you get with Tre, he's got such a good heart.

I didn't win The Apprentice, but since being on the show I'm already growing my online Yoga With Maura studio in the UK. I'm still looking for investment so I feel like it's just the beginning.

And it's funny, despite my disastrous experiences with pop-up tents on the show, I still love camping! But you don't go camping in a corporate dress...

Maura Rath told her story to Albertina Lloyd.

The Apprentice continues on BBC One at 9pm every Thursday.

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