That's not a knife, THIS is a knife! Noodle shop owner scares would-be-thief with two massive cleavers

Carly Egan 7 News and Natasha Christian

A teen who allegedly tried to hold-up a Queensland noodle shop with a knife had no idea what he was in for when the owner pulled out two even bigger knives in the ultimate Crocodile Dundee moment.

CCTV showed the would-be-thief couldn’t flee the scene fast enough.

The man, 19, was filmed walking into the Kedron restaurant to make an order, but it wasn’t for food.

Instead he draws a knife, which was tucked into his pants, and passes a note to the noodle shop owner’s wife.

Mr Hu said the man demanded money. Photo: 7 News.

The note allegedly read: “I have one knife, give me money”.

Owner Hunter Hu pretended to go along with the would-be-thief’s demands.

“I ask, 'how much you want?'” he told 7 News.

The 46-year-old said he went out the back of the shop claiming he would grab some cash… instead returning with two large cleavers.

The man fled as soon as Mr Hu returned with some cleavers. Photo: 7 News.
Mr Hu chased the would-be-thief with two EVEN bigger knives. Photo: 7 News.

Mr Hu waved the weapons and chased the shocked man out the door yelling: “you have one knife, I have two!”

That's not a knife... THIS is a knife - Mr Hu chases the would-be-thief out of his shop. Photo: 7 News.

The alleged offender couldn’t flee fast enough, bolting past a schoolgirl who was standing near the door and sprinting across six lanes of traffic on Gympie Road.

Police claimed he then went to a nearby fast food restaurant, where he was arrested with the weapon.