Woman celebrates end of marriage with wedding dress bonfire

People have different ways of dealing with divorce.

Some people choose to cry it out, others might constantly argue with their now former partner, but one woman decided the way she was going to handle it was to have a wedding dress bonfire.

All Texas resident Briana Barksdale needed was a wedding dress, lighter fluid and a match, American broadcaster KHOU reports.

Ms Barksdale set fire to her dress. Source: Click2Houston

"This is symbolic of freedom. This is symbolic of moving forward," Ms Barksdale said.

"This is [about] letting go of the past and moving forward to the future."

Ms Barksdale officially divorced her former husband on January 31 and on the weekend opened up her garage to neighbours, friends and strangers.

She sold furniture, clothing, dishware, exercise equipment and electronics that reminded her of her failed marriage.

"So I sold everything," Ms Barksdale said. "An entire living room set. A bedroom set. A dining room set."

Ms Barksdale said it was worth getting divorced. Source: Click2Houston

The 34-year old mother of two was able to sell almost everything within minutes of hosting the garage sale.

Friends commemorated the divorce by wearing and selling shirts that read, "Single Ramen/Married Filet Mignon."

"So I joke about, was it worth it? Absolutely. Divorce is expensive, because it’s worth it," Ms Barksdale said.

"And so, will I be eating Ramen until I’m 50? Probably. But single Ramen is better than married filet mignon."