Texas Teen Allegedly Strangled on Hiking Trail by 'Toxic' Ex Over STD

Daniel Kramer/Reuters
Daniel Kramer/Reuters

An 18-year-old found dead on a hiking trail in Houston last week was allegedly strangled by her ex, who believed the victim had passed her a sexually transmitted disease. Shania Laneice Turner, 24, has been charged by Houston Police for the death of Tierra Horn, whose body was found near Buffalo Bayou on Friday, Jan. 5. An autopsy ruled the death a homicide, and court records indicate that Turner strangled Horn after a heated argument hinging on Turner's belief that Horn had given her an STD. The victim's sister, Skinesa Granville, said Horn and Turner had a toxic relationship and that Turner was physically abusive. “Shania used to cheat on my sister while she was in the house with her,” Granville said, adding that the 24-year-old “used to hit on her and beat her, beat her up and stuff, and I just had to break it up.”

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