Tess Holliday opens up about postpartum depression after becoming famous

Tess Holliday has struggled with postpartum depression credit:Bang Showbiz
Tess Holliday has struggled with postpartum depression credit:Bang Showbiz

Tess Holliday struggled with postpartum depression on a "whole new level" after becoming famous.

The 38-year-old model has Rylee, 18, and seven-year-old Bowie from different relationships and said it was "very difficult" to get through the tough times after giving birth, especially the second time around because by this point she was in the public eye.

She told People: "I have two kids that are 10 years apart and I experienced postpartum depression with both of my children. The first child I was 20, single mom. The second child, I was 30, married but not in a supportive partnership.

"And I experienced postpartum at a whole new level because I was very much in the public eye in an abusive relationship. And trying to navigate all of those things was very difficult. And so I've shared the struggles that I had with postpartum very openly online."

Tess also explained that it is "hard" being a mother to children with such big age gap because it is sometimes a struggle to make sure that both of her kids are "happy" simultaneously or to avoid a situation where her home can become "war of the worlds".

She said: "I think sometimes it's just hard being a mom with a 10-year age gap and trying to make sure both kids are happy. Imagine trying to pick out a movie where an 18-year-old and a seven-year-old want to watch, it's like war of the worlds.

"Sometimes a breakdown can be us just trying to agree on food or a movie or an activity, or you've got an 18-year-old arguing with you and a seven-year-old being a seven-year-old. I would say most of our meltdowns involve what we're having for dinner."