Tesla Megafan Receives Two Subsequent Cybertrucks That Completely Fail

One Tesla megafan received not just one but two subsequent Cybertrucks that turned out to be complete lemons.

And even after the months of service center hell he had to endure, he's still the carmaker's number one fan.

As detailed on his YouTube Channel, LamarMK was dismayed after finding that his first Cybertruck, which he received in March, broke down on the side of the road after just two weeks. A barrage of red blinking error messages lighting up the truck's massive center control screen forced him to pull over.

Even a replacement truck eventually had to be towed away, leading to the Tesla fan finally having enough and reaching out to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for help.

"We’ll get it fixed pronto," Musk replied in a Monday tweet, which came to the delight of LamarMK, who somehow completely forgot about the months of hell Tesla had put him through.

It's a baffling reminder of just how much pain Tesla fans can endure without questioning the company's infamously shoddy workmanship.

"Thank you!!!" LamarMK replied to Musk. "I’m very confident they will."

The Cybertruck has turned out to be a major headache for many owners, from rusty panels and failing brakes, to a recall caused by an accelerator pedal that could get stuck. A recent survey by JD Power found that the situation extends beyond the Cybertruck, with Teslas breaking down more and more as time goes on.

It wasn't just a catastrophic mid-journey failure that LamarMK experienced with his first truck — the owner also noticed a "ripple" in his windshield, sagging headliner trim, and an oddly spaced driver seat.

At first, the service center wasn't able to fix the truck for weeks, but he finally got it back after engineers found a ground wire that shut down the truck's high-voltage system. Then, he noticed a different issue with the truck's active shutters, leading LamarMK to plea for help yet again.

"Do not try to fix this truck anymore, just send a replacement from Texas ASAP!" he tweeted. " I can’t even take a 2hr trip without it breaking."

"I've emphasized to Tesla multiple times that I don't want a buyback or refund; I simply want a replacement Cybertruck," he added in a follow-up.

But even the abysmal state of his car didn't crush his spirits.

"Tesla is the one," he said in a video following weeks of breakdowns, laughing. "I got everything in Tesla, and I'll continue to support the brand Tesla."

"There's no bad blood," he added.

"I think its time to take your soft shoes off and stop dancing my dude," the top comment on the video reads. " The vehicle sucks, let it go."

Towards the end of May, Tesla finally fulfilled his wish, and LamarMK even got the new truck wrapped in a blue vinyl.

But then, even it started acting up, refusing to disengage the charging cable, leaving him stranded yet again.

As a result, service center employees had to "drill below [the frunk lid] to manually release the latch since it wouldn’t unlatch when they tried to jump it," he tweeted on Monday. "While simplicity is important, I believe some manual fail-safes are essential."

It's an astonishingly shortsighted design decision that could easily lead to somebody getting trapped inside, as Jalopnik points out.

In short, many Tesla fans are fully under the spell of the company and its controversial CEO. Even after being shipped several lemons, LamarMK is still holding onto hope that the carmaker will somehow make it right.

Sure, it's his money and he can do with it whatever he wishes. But given the many reports of Cybertrucks breaking down, buyers should be made aware of its glaring shortcomings before it's too late — very few people, it seems, have as much patience as LamarMK.

Besides, having to reach out to the company's CEO on X to actually get anything done should be regarded as a complete failure of running a consumer-facing company.

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