Terrorist filmed admitting to raping Israeli woman during Hamas' October 7 attack in IDF footage

Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem (IDF)
Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem (IDF)

A terrorist with Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been filmed describing how he raped a “terrified” Israeli woman on October 7.

The detained terrorist, identified in IDF footage as 28-year-old Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem, said he raped a lone woman in kibbutz during the October 7 onslaught.

In the footage, first reported by the Jerusalem Post, he can be heard to describe how he raped the woman while armed with a handgun and two grenades.

Speaking from an interrogation room, he said: “At first when I entered there was no one, then I entered a room and someone was there and was scared of me.

“She told me to help her, I took her and threw her on the couch. The devil took over me and I laid her down and started undressing her and did what I did.”

Pressed by an interrogator on what exactly happened, he added: “I raped her."

He claimed that two other men from Palestinian Islamic Jihad then entered the room and took the victim and her mother, who had also appeared, away.

The terrorist then said he shot at several Israelis on the kibbutz outside before running away.

Qasem said that he was called to join in on the October 7 attack by a fellow terrorist, telling investigators that his friend was wounded in the head when they crossed into Israel.

Earlier this month, specialist UN team said there was “convincing information” that some hostages taken by Hamas in its attack on Israel have been raped and tortured.

The UN said there was "reasonable grounds to believe" sexual violence, including gang rape, took place when Hamas attacked on October 7. The team also said it had evidence that the abuse was ongoing.

Israel's foreign ministry said the findings were "definitive recognition that Hamas committed sexual crimes".

Hamas dismissed the UN report as "baseless and only aimed at demonising the Palestinian resistance" and has denied any violence or abuse against female captives.

Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7 killing about 1,200 people and taking 253 others hostage in an assault which included fighters on motorcycles and paragliders.

The group is still believed to be holding some 100 people hostage, as well as the remains of 30 others.

In response to the terror attack, Israel unleashed an attack on Gaza with the stated aim of neutralising Hamas as a fighting force but has faced accusations it is not doing enough to minimise civilian casualties.

The war has caused a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with warnings of an imminent famine in the war-torn strip.