Terrorist attack on Australian soil 'a certainty'

Bryan Seymour

FIRST ON 7: There's a startling prediction for Australians this Remembrance Day.

A terrorist attack on home soil is 100 per cent certain.

David Kilcullen, who has advised Army Generals in Iraq, and was the Chief Counter Terrorism strategist at the US State Department, is convinced too many young Australians are being radicalised.

"Yes, it is inevitable, and if you were to ask me to put a percentage on how many, what's the percentage or likelihood that we are going to see this attack, I would say it is 100 per cent," the former soldier told 7News.

David Kilcullen spent years advising the US administration on strategy and counter insurgency. Photo: 7News

Years spent advising the US Administration on strategy and counter insurgency has taught the former soldier how to recognise risk.

"I think there is a danger," Kilcullen said, adding that Australia has been, by head of population, one of the most significant contributors to the global Islamic State movement.

The radicalisation of young Australians combined with lax security, evidenced by the nearly 300 serious security breaches at major airports revealed by 7News, spells potential disaster.

Overnight, UK Security Chiefs warned an attack in Great Britain is also inevitable after foiling three terror plots in just four months.

Kilcullen believes Australians need to reach out to Muslim communities and put in place a firm date for Australian forces to move out of Iraq.

"We need to stop dealing with young Muslims in minority communities in Australia as if they were some kind of oriental weird other group of people," he urged.

"These are Australians that have all the rights and all the moral obligations of Australians."

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