Terrifyingly large python caught in national park

A giant Burmese python, measuring 18 feet and 3 inches and weighing 60 kg, has been captured by researchers in The Everglades national park in Florida.

The snake, big enough to ingest deer and alligators, was caught by researchers in the park's Shark Valley area on July 9.

The snake has plagued the park in recent decades. Photo: Supplied

U.S. Geological Survey biologist Dr. Bryan Falk said that the invasive snake species has plagued the national park in recent decades, breeding rapidly and massacring native animals.

The Everglades in Florida are among the most famous and beautiful wetlands in America.

The snake measured 18 feet 3 inches and weighed 133 pounds. Photo: Supplied


reports that National Park Service and US Geological Survey interns were allowed to handle the snake to give them confidence and experience in handling Burmese pythons.

Everglades National Park spokeswoman Linda Friar told CBS that the snake was humanely euthanised after capture.

The snake was found to be a female that had not reproduced this season, and its stomach was empty.