Terrifying video exposes 'ridiculous' threat at Australian tourist spot

Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory is one of Australia's most dangerous attractions, with a new video showing exactly why.

A terrifying video at one of Australia's most dangerous tourist spots has provided a stark reminder for tourists to never let their guard down.

Cahills Crossing on the Northern Territory's East Alligator River is world famous for its local inhabitants, with dozens of crocodiles calling the section of river home.

Still shots from a video showing several crocodiles emerging from the Northern Territory river.
The murky water was full of crocodiles as dozens of tourists watched on. Source: ABC via Annette Murray

A video shared to the ABC this week shows the murky water peppered with crocodiles, with the woman behind the camera Annette Murray saying she counted 41 crocodiles.

Shared to the public broadcaster's social pages, Australians were in disbelief by the sheer number of crocodiles.

"Scary as hell! That many in one creek is ridiculous," one person said.

Fears another death at crossing is imminent

While the majority of visitors to the attraction have their wits about them, the behaviour of some has prompted fears a life will soon be lost at the site.

Last year a photo of a group of tourists casually standing on the crossing taken by ABC Radio Hobart host Leon Compton prompted widespread condemnation.

"A tourist is going to die at Cahills Crossing given the behaviour I saw yesterday at the crossing — it is only a matter of time," he said.

Authorities from the Kakadu National Park, where the crossing is located, said they were "disappointed" with such behaviour, with the tourists clearly ignoring warning signs not to get too close to the water.

One couple who visited the site months after told Yahoo the crocodiles were managing to remain undetected by hiding in rocks next to the crossing.

"Saltwater crocodiles are dangerous animals and have attacked and killed people at Cahills Crossing. It is not safe to stand at the water's edge," the park stressed.

In 2019, a tourist stripped down to her bikini and sat in the river. She told Yahoo she was unaware of the dangers present.

Earlier this month, a fisherman in Queensland made global headlines for angling just metres from a giant crocodile.

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