‘A bad dream’: Terrifying moment tree crashes into baby's room

A baby has luckily come out unscathed after a tree fell through the roof of his bedroom as he lay in his cot.

Courtney Buchholtz, from the US state of Louisiana, put her five-month-old son Cannon to bed on Saturday night while it was storming outside.

But two minutes after Cannon had been put down to sleep for the night, a tree crashed through the roof of the house and into his bedroom, she wrote on Facebook.

A baby in a cot is woken up as a tree crashes through his bedroom.
Cannon is rocked awake by a tree smashing through his bedroom. Source: Facebook/Courtney Buchholtz

Video captured from inside Cannon’s room shows the baby boy lying silently.

A thumping noise is heard as the tree smashes through the roof. Debris falls over Cannon as he sobs.

Meanwhile, another video shot in the living room of the home shows the family in a state of shock as the sound of the tree falling through the roof is heard throughout the house.

“Oh, my God,” a woman yells.

Images of the aftermath show the tree penetrated the roof of the house, tearing a hole right through it.

Cannon’s room and another were also badly damaged with planks of wood and debris scattered across both.

The bedroom of a baby boy damaged by a tree.
Cannon's room in the aftermath. Source: Facebook/Courtney Buchholtz

“Running to get my baby under debris was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced,” Ms Buchholtz said.

“We are okay and safe at my cousin’s house — our house, however, is unliveable right now.”

Luckily, Cannon is safe. Ms Buchholtz wrote she is counting her blessings.

She wrote the day after she was hoping it was all “a bad dream”.

A hole in the roof of a Louisiana home after a tree crashed through it.
The house is currently unliveable due to the damage. Source: Facebook/Courtney Buchholtz

The mum told Fox News a bathroom in the hallway and a bedroom were “destroyed”.

Unfortunately, Ms Buchholtz and her husband Kale aren’t strangers to natural disasters destroying their homes.

The Louisiana floods destroyed their home in 2016 too.

“We’ll take this mess any day, you know, as long as we're all safe and healthy and no one was hurt in what happened,” Ms Buchholtz said.

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