Terrifying moment tourist's bungee cord snaps during 30 metre jump

The lucky survivor was left with horrific injuries and sought compensation from the bungee company – but their response shocked him.

A tourist is lucky to be alive after his bungee cord snapped during a terrifying 10-storey jump – with the entire incident captured on camera.

Mike, from Hong Kong, was visiting Pattaya, Thailand, with a friend in February when the pair decided to take the jump. Heart-stopping footage shared by local news site HK01 shows Mike at the top of a crane platform preparing for the 30-metre jump. With the bungee cord strapped to his ankles, he was ushered toward the edge, but what happened next shocked onlookers.

The footage shows Mike with his arms out wide when the rope suddenly snaps mid-air, releasing him from its grip. The tourist was knocked unconscious when he hit the water with speed from a height of about 5 metres.

Bungee cord snaps while man jumps in Thailand.
Terrifying moment bungee cord snaps while man jumps in Thailand. Credit: HK01

Horrific injuries caused by bungee jump fail

Mike regained consciousness and was able to swim to safety after falling to the bottom of the lake, but he reportedly suffered injuries to the left side of his body, his chest and his lungs. Photos show the injured Mike being helped out of the water before being rushed to hospital, but he was released soon after when doctors allegedly said he was "fine".

Mike told local media that his armpit took the brunt of the fall and was "oozing blood" and missing a layer of skin from the area. His left knee was also bruised and swollen and his left eye too, and while he didn't need surgery, he felt dizzy from the intense pain of the fall.

Injured man seeking compensation for $9,500 medical bill

Things took a turn for the worse after returning to Hong Kong when a CT scan, MRI and X-ray revealed Mike had developed a lung infection. He believes he likely caught it from accidentally swallowing dirty lake water. His injuries landed him a three-night stay at a hospital in Hong Kong.

He's seeking compensation for his pricy A$9,500 medical bill, but when he asked the bungee jumping park to cover the costs of his injuries, he was shocked by their response. Mike was only refunded A$86 for his ticket, it's been reported, and A$350 for his immediate medical bill. Thankfully, other costs have been covered by his travel insurance.

Man's injuries after bungee jump accident in Thailand.
The man from Hong Kong was pulled from the water and suffered various injuries. Credit: HK01

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