Terrifying moment bandits rush toward car on remote road

The terrifying moment a group of people narrowly escaped armed bandits on a remote road has been captured on dashcam.

Lauren Swenson and her husband Bryant, who according to Fox13 moved to Kenya a couple of years ago to open a CrossFit gym, shared footage of the frightening encounter near Maai Mahiu on Facebook.

Ms Swenson explained in a lengthy post online that she had been in a land cruiser with her husband Bryant and two of their trainers on Friday, when the group decided to take a different route because there was a traffic jam on a highway. 

Shortly after leaving the paved roadway the group came across a matatu, a public transport vehicle, which had been stopped in the middle of the road.

The Swenson’s passengers knew that seemed strange, but the couple originally from the US did not.

As the minibus pulled away three bandits are seen standing behind it. In the video, the armed trio immediately run towards the Swenson’s land cruiser, with one waving a machete.

The terrifying confrontation was captured on the Swenson’s dashcam on Friday. Source: Storyful

The passengers inside tell Mr Swenson “drive” and he starts to reverse.

“I had to back up long enough to roll my window up before passing by the guy wielding the ponga (machete.),”Mr Swenson wrote online.

The guy on the far left had a handgun, but couldn’t get it out of his waist belt in time.

As the bandits appear to reach the car, Mr Swenson hits the accelerator.

“The bandits chased after us when we passed them, but by then we believe the matatu had alerted the police and you can hear in the video as Collins told us that the police were coming,” Ms Swenson wrote online. 

“Then we heard the rifle shot and continued high-tailing it out of there.” 

The group had been driving along the remote road and noticed a minibus stopped. When it pulled away they released there were three bandits behind it. Source: Storyful

Fortunately the four in the land cruiser escaped unscathed.

“For me, everything unfolded as if it was a cartoon – seriously. I really didn’t process what was happening as dangerous,” Ms Swenson wrote online.

“It just seemed odd and sort of like a Jackie Chan-style scripted bad guy chase.” 

And it wasn’t until afterwards when Ms Swenson viewed the vision, did she realise the driver of the minivan had flashed their lights in an attempt to warn them about the danger.

Ms Swenson said she is very thankful they got out of the situation safely.