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Disturbing detail spotted in home listing: 'It's hilarious'

There's something deeply disturbing hidden in the photos of this home listing, however the real estate agent swears the property is not haunted.

The two-bedroom home in the US state of New Hampshire recently hit the market just in time for Halloween and the real estate agent decided to have a little fun with the listing.

Featured in all the photos is an iconic character from an equally iconic horror movie franchise.

The first photo you see on the online listing is the humble house in Weare, surrounded by trees and greenery, with an outdoor deck off to the side.

Pictured is Michael Myers, from the Halloween franchise, lurking behind the home in New Hampshire
In every photo of the home, Michael Myers can be seen lurking. Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow

It's near the deck you will first spot Michael Myers.

Of course, it's not actually Michael Myers, just someone wearing the mask seen throughout the Halloween slasher franchise.

It turns out the people who are selling the home are massive horror movie buffs, so they decided to have fun with the listing in the lead-up to October 31.

Pictured is Michael Myers making himself a drink in the pictures from the home listing
Michael Myers, from the iconic Halloween franchise, made himself right at home. Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow

"It was something fun that we decided to do," real estate agent Tommy Bolduc told WMUR-TV.

"I believe that we all need to take it easy and have a laugh every once in a while, and that was the intent."

He promises the home isn't actually haunted, but it is still available for $375,000 ($A576,840).

Pictured is Michael Myers sprawled out on the bed.
The sellers are massive horror movie fans and everyone involved in the sale thought it would be funny to have Michael Myers appear in the listing. Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow

Where is Michael Myers?

The man in Michael Myers' mask is seen in every single photo — sometimes in very obvious places, like sprawled out on the couch, while in others he makes a more subtle appearance.

He's lurking behind windows, hidden in what appears to be a tree house, behind the shower curtain and at the bar helping himself to a drink.

In one photo, only his arm reaching into a drawer to grab a knife is visible. He's then seen standing in the hallway near the kitchen holding the knife.

Hidden in the cubby house, Michael Myers is seen peaking through the window
Can you spot Michael Myers hidden in this picture? Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow
Pictured is Michael Myers, with a knife in his hand, staring through to the kitchen
The home just hit the market in time for Halloween. Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow

Speaking to the US Today Show, Mr Bolduc said doing the spooky shoot was something he had never done before.

The gamble did pay off, with over 70,000 people viewing the home online. The buzz led to a successful open house over the weekend.

"It’s gone viral on social media, all of the different local Facebook platforms," Mr Bolduc said.

"I have friends, family, colleagues, co-brokers I don’t even know emailing me and texting me saying they think it’s hilarious."

Pictured lurking in the shower, Michael Myers is seen in the mirror's reflection.
The home listing has become a viral sensation. Source: Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan/Zillow

The listing says the home is "full of rustic charm" and sits on a hilltop, overlooking the forests in Weare, New Hampshire.

"This home is situated on a quiet dead-end street, wooded neighbourhood with low street traffic, so be prepared to see lots of wildlife!" it reads.

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