Tenant's 'dumb' act during property inspection sparks debate

A councillor has encouraged the questionable technique on social media, creating a fierce divide.

A renter's unique attempt to raise issues with their property during an inspection has sparked a divide after it was shared and encouraged by a member of parliament on social media.

Greens councillor Jonathan Sriranganathan for the Gabba Ward in Brisbane shared the questionable technique on Friday, and while some thought the idea was "brilliant", others firmly warned against it.

The photo shared on Facebook shows a series of hand-written notes strategically taped to the wall inside a home. On them are various issues the tenant has with the property, including "reoccurring mould" and a "rent increase". The aim is to warn prospective tenants looking at the property and to remind agents of the problems that have presumably been ignored.

Hand written notes tapped to wall by tenant during property inspection.
A tenant taped a series of hand-written notes to their wall during a property inspection. Source: Facebook

"If you're moving out of a rental and your landlord/agent is showing the property to new prospective tenants, consider leaving some notes or posters like this in a few prominent locations around the home," Councillor Sriranganathan wrote.

Mr Sriranganathan, who claims to "speak up against injustice and political corruption", said an agent or landlord is legally required to refrain from touching or removing items belonging to the tenant. In this instance, this includes notes that have been written by the tenant.

Inspection technique criticised on social media

A handful of social media users praised the technique, deeming it "brilliant". "A few nervous and cranky landlords in this thread," one person wrote, while others said they "love this".

But not everyone agreed with the councillor and his views on the method. Some suggested it's a surefire way to burn relationships with future landlords and agents and said there are better ways to handle it.

Newly finished apartments and some under construction can be seen in Brisbane.
A Domain rental report shows the median house rent in capital cities has risen 14.6 per cent in the past year. Source: AAP

"If you don’t like the rental property just move on," one person said in the comments. "Or you could not, because what goes around comes around, karma and all that," another added.

One person suggested "these notes make the tenants sound a bit grubby" and does not help their situation. While dozens more agreed it was "dumb advice".

Councillor slammed for sharing post

The councillor was also criticised for condoning such behaviour. "I think it is disgraceful for an elected member to promote sabotage," one person said. Another suggested he was sharing "just to get publicity".

"And people wonder why rents are rising when idiots like you make facile statements," they wrote.

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