Driver fined after passengers turn backseat into bed for a nap

Motorists are regularly urged not to drive when tired in a bid to minimise the risk of fatal accidents.

And while passengers are allowed to sleep inside a vehicle while it’s on the road, a pair of teenagers in NSW were spotted taking that liberty one step too far.

NSW Highway Patrol pulled over a BMW X5 in the popular holiday destination of Jindabyne, near the Snowy Mountains in the state’s south, on Tuesday afternoon after spotting something strange inside the vehicle.

On inspection of the car, officers found two teens, 18 and 19, sleeping in the rear of the vehicle with the back seats fully reclined.

The two teens were caught sleeping in the back of the BMW without seatbelts. Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol - NSW Police

Wrapped up in blankets to fend off the wintery conditions, the pair were lying with their heads closest to the front of the car while ignoring one vital safety rule – wearing their seatbelts.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command took to Facebook with photos of the two teens to warn about the dangers of not adhering to road rules in place to protect travellers.

“Seat belts save lives!” they warned.

Officers said a number of infringement notices were issued.

Since the beginning of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend on Friday, NSW Police said there had been 498 seatbelt offences across the state.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy urged drivers to be “patient” if caught in traffic and to adhere to the law.

“You should not let your current circumstances tempt you into taking risks,” he said.

Over the weekend, another NSW motorist was caught breaching several road laws when he was pulled over for having a mobile phone attached to his steering wheel to keep up to date with the cricket.

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