'I can't fix her': Mother's anguish as teenager's life held back by 'crooked, curvy spine'

She just wants to be a normal teenager but for Brittany it's a race against the clock to fix a crooked spine.

For 14-year-old Brittany's mother Michelle Morris, being powerless and unable to help has filled with anguish over her daughter's scoliosis.

"It's heart breaking as her mum watching her suffering in pain and crying daily. In Australia the only option for scoliosis is spinal fusion," Michelle wrote on a GoFundMe page.

"I could go back to living a teenage life and live the next chapter of my life, start doing stuff that teenagers to and not have to worry about a crooked, curvy spine," Brittany told Today Tonight.

Forced to wear a brace to steady her, Brittany is in need of major surgery.

With her condition worsening as her body grows and without the massive amount of money needed for treatment, the teen will have to have spinal fusion in August.

"We are running out of time due to increase in her degree of curve. With rapid growth her curve has unfortunately increased from 33 degrees to 64 in 5 months," he mother wrote.

Brittany just wants to be a normal teen. Source: Today Tonight
But her life is being held back. Source: Today Tonight

In some spinal fusion procedures, the backbones are forced straight with the aid of hooks, rods and wires while small bone fragments are placed over the spine.

The spine then goes straight as the pieces of bone fuse together, spine-health.com states.

Brittany needs life-changing surgery, but it's costly. Source: Today Tonight

The long surgical procedure can help reduce the spinal deformity by half to two thirds.

But the Brittany is aiming to undertake a new procedure called Vertical Body Tethering surgery in the US, which could cost from $197,000 to $300,000.

"Like, I need a lot of money to do that sort of thing for her," Michelle told Today Tonight.

Brittany's mother only wants her daughter to have a normal life. Source: Today Tonight

"As a mother that kills me. I can't fix her."

See Brittany's full story on Today Tonight.

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