Teenage girl's chilling find after going through boyfriend's emails

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: A young woman’s harrowing story about her long-term boyfriend has been met with horror and disgust after it was shared online.

In a post to social media shared by the young girl’s best friend that has since gone viral, the latter explained that the former girl had gone through her then-boyfriend’s phone and made a discovery that was described by one Twitter user as “the worst thing I’ve ever seen”.

The girl’s friend explained the couple had been together for four years and her friend had suspicions her boyfriend was going to propose so she was looking for any “confirmation emails” that might suggest he had purchased an engagement ring.

The girl's friend posted the screenshots of the boyfriend's phone to Twitter and they quickly went viral. Source: Twitter

Instead, the girl, from northwest England, found “weird messages on his inbox” of the boyfriend telling strangers they could sexually assault his girlfriend.

“[He was] telling random people they could rape her. what the actual f***,” the girl’s horrified friend said.

Accompanying the social media post were screenshots allegedly taken from the boyfriend’s phone of emails and messages he had supposedly sent to others on the online classifieds website Craigslist.

A screenshot of one of the messages the boyfriend allegedly sent. Source: Twitter

The messages, which appeared to be replying to the posts of others who were looking for sex, read: “You can rape my girlfriend.”

Another message said: “My girlfriend is an a*** virgin you can do this to her if you want”.

One screenshot of a message that appeared to be from a person who was replying to the boyfriend was extreme in its violently graphic content and horrifically derogatory nature.

The teenage girl and alleged victim involved said she had “spent four years of my life with someone who I clearly didn’t even know at all”.

The horrifically graphic response from one Craigslist person. Source: Twitter

In a follow-up post she shared screenshots of messages she said were between herself and her then-boyfriend of her confronting him where he appeared to admit his wrongdoing and express his shame and embarrassment.

“What the f***,” the teen said in her social media post.

“I can’t believe I’ve spent 4 years loving him.”

The girl’s best friend assured worried social media users the matter had been escalated to local police.

She also hit out at those who accused her of being “harsh” or “ruining his life” with the viral post about the unidentified boyfriend.

“[I] wouldn’t normally put something like this on Twitter but he has been telling everyone they broke up because she was ‘insecure’ and had ‘trust issues’ so he deserves everything he gets sorry,” the friend said.

The boyfriend allegedly sent messages to Craigslist users in which he told strangers to sexually assault her. Source: Twitter

The best friend alleged the man accused had also taken photographs and videos of a sexual nature without his girlfriend’s knowledge or consent and had sent them to other people.

“[He] deserves to be sectioned,” she wrote.

‘Revenge porn’ — which defined as uploading or sharing intimate pictures or videos without the subject's consent — has been a criminal offence in England and Wales since April 2015. It carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

In Australia, new laws surrounding the sharing of intimate images without a person’s consent were passed in federal parliament in February 2018.

The young woman's Twitter post in which she said she had "spent four years" of her life with the man who would go on to betray and hurt her. Source Twitter

Individuals who were found guilty of distributing ‘revenge porn’ faced up to seven years in jail or fines up to up to $105,000 under the legislation.

Australians can report “image-based abuse” — which includes the sharing of “intimate images and video” — to the eSafety Commissioner through their website.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted both young women about the incident.

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