Teen pours acid on boyfriend's penis

A teenage girl has poured acid on her boyfriend's lap, permanently damaging his penis, after he secretly filmed the pair having sex and the video made it onto social media.

Humphrey Khoza, 25, used his laptop to video himself having sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend, and she was not happy when she found out about it, Times Live reports.

The furious girlfriend stormed into the pub where Khoza regularly drinks, called him a dog and then threw battery acid in his lap.

While details on the damage are sketchy, Khoza has been told his penis will never work again.

He said he was advised to press charges, but sees little point in it.

"Even if I press charges it is useless because it won't bring back my manhood,” he told Times Live.

“Her being in jail will just ruin her future because she is still young and I do not have the energy to attend courts.”

The injury has left him being forced to urinate through a tube and requiring further surgery.

The girl, who was not identified because of her age, reportedly told Times Live: "I never intended to kill his penis.

“I was just angry and all I wanted was to make him feel the pain I was feeling.”

The girl is also reportedly considering pressing charges relating to the creation of pornography involving someone under the age of 18.